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As the demand for skilled professionals in digital workspace technology continues to grow, obtaining the VMware Certified Professional Digital Workspace (VCP-DW) certification has become increasingly valuable. This certification validates the skills and knowledge required to design, deploy, and manage VMware Horizon environments, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration across various devices. To help you on your certification journey, we have compiled a list of the top 10 VCP-DW courses and certifications available online.

1. VMware Horizon 8 Certified Professional (VCP-DW) Certification

Considered the gold standard in digital workspace certifications, the VMware Horizon 8 Certified Professional (VCP-DW) certification offers comprehensive training on VMware Horizon 8, a powerful platform that enables secure and streamlined access to virtual desktops, applications, and digital workspaces. This certification equips professionals with the necessary expertise to design, deploy, and manage VMware Horizon 8 environments effectively.

2. VMware Cloud Foundation 4.x: Virtualized Infrastructure and Digital Workspace Certifications

Designed for IT professionals aiming to specialize in digital workspace technologies, this certification focuses on VMware Cloud Foundation 4.x, a comprehensive platform that combines compute, storage, networking, and management capabilities. By integrating virtualized infrastructure and digital workspace technologies, this certification empowers professionals to architect and deploy advanced VMware solutions.

3. VMware Workspace ONE Advanced Integration and Design (VCP-DW 2020)

This certification is perfect for IT professionals seeking expertise in designing and integrating VMware Workspace ONE solutions into complex enterprise environments. Through this course, participants will gain knowledge of advanced integration concepts, best practices for secure access to applications and data, and techniques for effective implementation of VMware Workspace ONE.

4. VMware Horizon 7: Troubleshooting and Performance Optimization

For professionals responsible for managing and troubleshooting VMware Horizon 7 environments, this course provides essential skills and techniques to ensure optimal performance. Participants will learn how to diagnose and troubleshoot common issues, optimize configurations, and enhance the overall user experience in a VMware Horizon 7 environment.

5. VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon: Deploy and Manage

This course focuses on the integration of VMware vRealize Operations and VMware Horizon, providing IT professionals with the necessary tools to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize Horizon environments effectively. Participants will learn how to use vRealize Operations to assess virtual machine performance, analyze usage patterns, and gain insights into overall environment health.

6. VMware Workspace ONE: Skills for Unified Endpoint Management

As organizations increasingly adopt flexible work policies, the ability to manage and secure endpoints across a diverse range of devices becomes crucial. This course equips professionals with the skills required to effectively deploy, manage, and secure endpoints using VMware Workspace ONE. Participants will learn about the various features and capabilities of Workspace ONE, including device management, application management, and mobile content management.

7. VMware App Volumes and Dynamic Environment Manager: Deploy and Manage

This course focuses on two essential components of VMware Horizon: App Volumes and Dynamic Environment Manager. Participants will gain in-depth knowledge of how to deploy and manage these components successfully, enabling simplified application delivery, user profile management, and persona migration in a VMware Horizon environment.

8. VMware Horizon 8: Deploy and Manage

Ideal for individuals responsible for managing and supporting VMware Horizon environments, this course covers the essentials of deploying and managing VMware Horizon 8. Participants will learn how to create virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and remote desktop session host (RDSH) environments, configure policies, and troubleshoot common issues.

9. VMware Workspace ONE: Design Advanced Integration and Deployment

This certification is designed for professionals seeking expertise in designing and implementing advanced VMware Workspace ONE solutions. Participants will learn advanced integration concepts, including single sign-on (SSO), identity federation, and conditional access. Additionally, this course covers key deployment considerations and best practices for architecting robust and scalable VMware Workspace ONE solutions.

10. VMware Horizon 8: Troubleshooting and Performance Optimization

The final course on our list focuses on troubleshooting and optimizing VMware Horizon 8 environments. Participants will learn essential troubleshooting techniques, including log analysis, network diagnostics, and performance optimization strategies. This course enables professionals to identify and resolve performance issues, ensuring a seamless user experience in VMware Horizon 8 environments.


Obtaining a VMware Certified Professional Digital Workspace (VCP-DW) certification is a significant step towards advancing your career in digital workspace technologies. The courses and certifications mentioned in this article provide comprehensive training on various aspects of VMware Horizon and VMware Workspace ONE, empowering professionals to design, deploy, and manage advanced digital workspace solutions. Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to upgrade your skills, these online certifications offer the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in the field.