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Voice over work is a highly sought-after profession, and with the rise of digital media and content creation, the demand for skilled voice actors is increasing rapidly. If you have a pleasant and commanding voice, then a career in voice over might be the perfect fit for you. However, honing your voice over skills and getting professional certifications is essential to stand out in a competitive industry. Thankfully, there are numerous online courses and certifications available that can help you enhance your abilities and boost your career prospects. In this article, we will discuss the 10 best voice over courses and certifications online that can help you take your voice over career to new heights.

1. Voice Acting Mastery

Voice Acting Mastery is an online course designed by experienced voice actor and teacher Crispin Freeman. This comprehensive course covers various aspects of voice acting, from understanding the industry to developing your vocal skills and creating a personal brand. With his expert guidance and hands-on exercises, you will learn how to bring characters to life, improve your vocal technique, and handle different genres of voice over work. By the end of the course, you will have developed a strong foundation in voice acting and be well-equipped to pursue professional opportunities.

2. Gravy for the Brain

Gravy for the Brain is a renowned online platform offering a wide range of voice over courses and certifications. Their Voiceover Kickstart course is perfect for beginners and covers the fundamentals of voice acting, including vocal warm-ups, microphone techniques, script analysis, and more. If you are already experienced in voice acting, their higher-level courses like the Advanced Voiceover Masterclass and Audiobook Narrator Certification will help you refine your skills and specialize in specific areas of voice over work.

3. Voice Over Masterclass

Voice Over Masterclass, created by veteran voice actor Maurice Tobias, is an excellent choice for those who prefer a personalized approach. This online course offers one-on-one coaching sessions with Maurice himself, allowing you to receive tailored feedback and guidance on your voice over technique and performance. The course covers everything from vocal techniques and script interpretation to marketing yourself as a professional voice actor. With Maurice’s expertise and individual attention, you will have the opportunity to grow immensely as a voice over artist.

4. The Great Voice Company

The Great Voice Company is led by Susan Berkley, a renowned voice over artist who has lent her voice to numerous commercials, documentaries, and multimedia projects. The company offers a variety of online courses, such as The Total Package, which guides you through the essentials of voice over work, from vocal exercises to developing your own demo reel. Their courses are engaging, interactive, and designed to prepare you for the competitive world of voice over.

5. Coursera – Vocal Recording Technology

Coursera, a leading online education platform, offers a course on Vocal Recording Technology, ideal for aspiring voice over artists who want to gain a deeper understanding of recording equipment and techniques. This course covers microphone types, studio setup, editing software, and other technical aspects of voice over recording. By familiarizing yourself with the tools of the trade, you will be able to deliver high-quality voice over recordings and stand out from the competition.

6. Edge Studio

Edge Studio offers a comprehensive online voice over program for beginner and intermediate voice actors. Their courses cover a wide range of topics, including interpretation, character development, audio editing, and marketing strategies. Edge Studio’s online platform, along with their team of industry experts, provides valuable feedback and personal coaching to help you improve your skills and build a successful voice over career.

7. Udemy – The Voice Over Business

Udemy offers a course titled “The Voice Over Business” that focuses on the business side of the industry. This course teaches you how to market yourself, find clients, negotiate contracts, and create a professional demo reel. It also provides insights into the various opportunities available in the voice over field and how to navigate them effectively. Acquiring business knowledge is essential to establishing yourself as a professional voice over artist, and this course will equip you with the necessary skills.

8. Such A Voice

Such A Voice offers a variety of online voice over courses suitable for both beginners and experienced voice actors. Their Voiceover Acting Program covers the essentials of voice acting, including script interpretation, vocal techniques, and home studio setup. They also provide additional training in specific areas like political commercial voice overs, video game voice acting, and more. With personalized attention and a supportive community, you will receive valuable mentorship to help you succeed in the voice over industry.

9. Voiceover Network

Voiceover Network is a UK-based online platform that offers several courses and certifications created and taught by industry professionals. Their courses cover a wide range of topics, from building your voice over career to advanced microphone techniques and studio production. The network also provides opportunities to connect with voice agents and fellow voice actors through networking events and social media groups. It is an excellent platform to gain valuable insights and grow your professional network in the voice over industry.

10. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning, formerly known as Lynda.com, offers a vast library of online courses, including a variety of voice over courses suitable for all skill levels. Their courses cover topics such as voice over techniques, vocal exercises, and audio editing. LinkedIn Learning allows you to learn at your own pace, with flexible scheduling options and mobile access. By completing their voice over courses, you will gain the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the industry.


If you have a passion for voice acting, pursuing online voice over courses and certifications is a fantastic way to enhance your skills and increase your chances of success in this competitive field. The 10 courses and certifications mentioned in this article offer comprehensive training in voice over techniques, business strategies, and industry insights. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced voice actor, these online resources will provide the guidance and support you need to become a sought-after voice over artist. Invest in your voice over career by enrolling in one of these courses today, and pave the way for a rewarding and fulfilling journey in the world of voice acting.