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WebLogic is a popular Java application server that allows businesses to deploy and manage enterprise-level applications. With its robust features and scalable architecture, WebLogic has become a sought-after skill in the IT industry. If you’re looking to enhance your expertise in WebLogic, there are numerous online courses and certifications available to help you master this technology. In this article, we will explore the ten best WebLogic courses and certifications that you can pursue to expand your knowledge and advance in your career.

1. WebLogic Server 12c: Administration I

This course, offered by Oracle, is an excellent starting point for beginners seeking to gain a fundamental understanding of WebLogic Server administration. It covers topics such as server installation, domain configuration, application deployment, and basic troubleshooting. With hands-on exercises and real-world examples, this course provides a solid foundation for future WebLogic administrators.

2. WebLogic Server 12c: Administration II

Building upon the knowledge gained from the first course, WebLogic Server 12c: Administration II delves deeper into advanced administration topics. Participants will learn about managing clusters, implementing security measures, performance tuning, and high availability techniques. This course equips learners with the skills needed to effectively manage complex WebLogic environments.

3. Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Monitoring and Performance Tuning

For those interested in optimizing the performance of WebLogic Server, this course is a must-have. It covers the various tools and techniques used to monitor server performance, diagnose bottlenecks, and implement tuning strategies. Participants will gain insights into metrics analysis, JVM tuning, thread analysis, and load testing. This knowledge is invaluable for ensuring robust and efficient WebLogic deployments.

4. WebLogic Server 12c: Troubleshooting Workshop

WebLogic deployments may encounter issues from time to time, and being able to effectively troubleshoot and resolve these problems is crucial. This workshop focuses on identifying and resolving common WebLogic Server issues, including start-up failures, memory leaks, performance degradation, and resource contention. By completing this course, participants will become equipped to handle real-world troubleshooting scenarios with confidence.

5. Developing Applications for Oracle WebLogic Server 12c

This course is designed for developers who want to build enterprise-level applications for WebLogic Server. Participants will learn about the various programming models supported by WebLogic, including Java EE and Web Services. They will also gain hands-on experience with JPA, EJB, and JAX-WS, among other key technologies. By the end of the course, developers will be able to create robust and scalable applications that leverage WebLogic’s capabilities to the fullest.

6. Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Advanced Administration

If you’re already an experienced WebLogic administrator seeking to take your skills to the next level, this advanced administration course is ideal for you. It covers advanced topics such as multi-domain configuration, WLST scripting, customizing managed server environments, and integrating WebLogic with other Oracle products. This course empowers administrators to handle complex and customized WebLogic deployments effectively.

7. WebLogic Server 12c: Performance Tuning

As organizations strive to maximize the performance of their WebLogic Server deployments, skilled performance tuning experts are in high demand. This course focuses on advanced tuning techniques, including connection management, tuning JVM parameters, optimizing database access, and more. Participants will gain practical skills that they can immediately apply to enhance the performance of their WebLogic environments.

8. WebLogic Server 12c: Advanced Architectures

In this course, participants will explore advanced architectures and deployment patterns using WebLogic Server. Topics covered include distributed architectures, load balancing, failover mechanisms, and clustering strategies. Learners will gain insights into designing scalable and fault-tolerant WebLogic deployments that meet the needs of modern enterprise applications.

9. WebLogic: Mastering Advanced Administration

This comprehensive course covers a wide range of advanced administration topics, including security, monitoring, troubleshooting, and performance tuning. Participants will dive deep into various subjects, such as SSL configuration, JMS administration, cluster configuration, and JVM diagnostics. By mastering these advanced techniques, learners will be well-prepared to handle the most challenging WebLogic administration tasks.

10. Oracle WebLogic Server 12c: Certified Implementation Specialist

For those looking to validate their expertise in WebLogic, the Oracle WebLogic Server 12c Certified Implementation Specialist certification is the gold standard. This certification demonstrates a deep understanding of WebLogic Server implementation and administration. It requires passing an exam that covers various aspects of WebLogic, including installation, configuration, deployment, security, and performance tuning. Achieving this certification can significantly boost your career prospects and establish your credibility in the field.


WebLogic is a crucial technology for enterprises running Java applications, and gaining expertise in this area can open doors to exciting career opportunities. The ten courses and certifications discussed in this article offer a comprehensive learning path for individuals looking to master WebLogic. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, these resources will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a proficient WebLogic administrator or developer. Invest in your professional development today and unlock the full potential of WebLogic Server.