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Whiteboard animation is a powerful tool used by businesses, educators, and creators to engage their audience and convey complex ideas in a visual and engaging way. Whether you are a marketing professional looking to boost your skills or an aspiring animator wanting to learn the art of whiteboard animation, online courses and certifications can provide you with the knowledge and expertise needed to succeed in this field. In this article, we have curated a list of the 10 best whiteboard animation courses and certifications available online, allowing you to enhance your skills and create captivating whiteboard animations.

1. Animation Software Mastery: Beginners to Advanced

This comprehensive course offered by XYZ Academy is an ideal choice for beginners and intermediate animators looking to master whiteboard animation software. Through a step-by-step approach, you will learn the basics of animation and progress to advanced techniques and special effects. By the end of the course, you will have a deep understanding of industry-standard animation software, giving you the necessary skills to create professional-grade whiteboard animations.

2. Introduction to Whiteboard Animation

Hosted by ABC Studios, this course provides a solid foundation for beginners interested in whiteboard animation. You will learn fundamental principles, such as storyboarding, editing, and synchronization, enabling you to create compelling and visually appealing whiteboard animations. The course also covers the effective use of props, characters, and colors to enhance the overall message and impact of your animations.

3. Advanced Whiteboard Animation Techniques

For those with some experience in whiteboard animation, this course offered by XYZ Academy delves deeper into advanced techniques and strategies. You will learn how to add depth and complexity to your animations through the use of camera angles, multi-layered scenes, and advanced transition effects. Additionally, the course explores the integration of sound and music to create a more immersive and engaging experience for your viewers.

4. Storytelling for Whiteboard Animation

Storyboarding plays a crucial role in whiteboard animation, as it helps create a cohesive narrative that resonates with your audience. This course, provided by DEF School of Animation, focuses on developing storytelling skills specifically for whiteboard animation. You will learn how to structure your story, create compelling characters, and build tension and excitement in your animations. By the end of the course, you will be able to captivate your viewers through compelling narratives integrated seamlessly into your whiteboard animations.

5. Expressive Characters in Whiteboard Animation

Characters bring life and personality to whiteboard animations. In this certification program by ABC Studios, you will learn how to create unique and expressive characters that resonate with your target audience. The course covers the fundamentals of character design, including anatomy, facial expressions, and body language. Through practical exercises and guidance, you will develop the skills to infuse your whiteboard animations with memorable and relatable characters.

6. Marketing with Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is widely used as a marketing tool due to its ability to simplify complex concepts and engage viewers. This course offered by DEF School of Marketing delves into the strategies and techniques that can be utilized to maximize the marketing potential of whiteboard animations. From crafting persuasive scripts to designing animations that align with your brand identity, this course equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to create impactful marketing campaigns using whiteboard animations.

7. Whiteboard Animation for Educators

Whiteboard animation has become an essential tool for educators to enhance the learning experience and make concepts more memorable for students. This certification program, provided by XYZ Education Academy, is designed to equip educators with the necessary skills to create engaging and informative whiteboard animations for their classrooms. You will learn how to simplify complex subjects, create visual aids, and effectively communicate with students through whiteboard animations.

8. Advanced Text and Typography in Whiteboard Animation

Text and typography play a crucial role in whiteboard animations, as they convey important information and reinforce the overall message. This course, hosted by DEF Design School, focuses on advanced text and typography techniques specifically tailored for whiteboard animations. You will learn how to choose the right fonts, create eye-catching text animations, and effectively integrate typography into your whiteboard animations to enhance the overall visual impact.

9. Whiteboard Animation Project Management

Managing a whiteboard animation project requires effective planning, organization, and communication. This course offered by XYZ Project Management Institute covers the essential skills needed to successfully manage whiteboard animation projects from start to finish. From defining project goals and assembling a creative team to ensuring smooth workflow and meeting deadlines, this course equips you with the skills necessary to navigate the complexities of whiteboard animation project management.

10. Mastering Whiteboard Animation Techniques

This advanced course, provided by ABC Animation Academy, is designed for experienced animators looking to refine their skills and take their whiteboard animations to the next level. You will explore advanced techniques, such as parallax scrolling, motion graphics, and advanced character animation. The course also focuses on creating captivating storytelling and incorporating interactivity into your whiteboard animations, allowing you to create truly immersive and memorable experiences for your audience.


Whiteboard animation has become a powerful tool across various industries, offering a visually appealing and engaging medium to convey complex ideas. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced animator, the aforementioned online courses and certifications provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise in whiteboard animation. From mastering animation software to enhancing storytelling techniques, these courses empower you to create captivating whiteboard animations that effectively communicate your message. Invest in your skills and embark on a journey to become a proficient whiteboard animator with these top-notch online courses.